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You play as Eddy Isaac Anx, trapped in strange dimension with globby monsters and skeleton hands that aim to pull you to the grave. Armed with only your apparent psychic ability and a sweet jetpack you remembered to pack, dash and shoot your way across a dangerous hazards on your journey back to your own dimension.

The longer you stay in this strange dimension, the more quickly you'll succumb to insanity! So keep moving!
Shoot out manifestations of your energy at your enemies but if you find yourself mentally drained as you dash over danger, you'll regain your drive to keep going!
You might find yourself full of energy at which point you could dash into those globby monsters shielded by the knowledge their end has come.

Super Dash Deluxe was created using the Unity engine.
Music was created using Bosca Ceoil.
SFX were created using BFXR.
Pixel art was created using Photoshop.

Nic Fontaine


Super Dash Deluxe (GMTK Jam 2017 entry) 11 MB

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